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Here at Dominion Service Company, we choose to get out on the front lines and give back to the communities that have helped us grow to where we are over the last 37+ years.

Our DSCR Community Acts of Kindness program does just that! Be on the lookout for our small, white “kindness flags”…that means we’ve done a good deed there and hope to have them eventually flying all over the localities we serve!

We are always looking for new ways to spread kindness. If you or someone you know (business or personal) have a philanthropy project, event or fundraiser coming up please send us some information and if we’re able, we’ll try to help! (Please note that we do have a budget for this and will handle requests appropriately. Existing customers will always receive top priority as we wouldn’t be able to do this without them!)

Thank you all for allowing us to give back and we hope that you too will go spread some kindness today!

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