Stand-By Generator Installation Generates Peace of Mind

October 17, 2016

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-09-46-pmWith it being hurricane season and icy/wintery conditions to follow, this is the most popular time of year in which people consider the purchase of generators.

For the Frith residence, this was certainly the case. But after having and battling a portable generator for many years, they began to entertain the idea of a more permanent, whole home installation.

“My wife has been adamant that this will be our forever home,” says Wayne Frith. “As we continue to age, the portable generator has been more difficult to crank up. If the storm keeps us out of power for more than a few days, we have to rely on making sure we have enough gas, still can’t fully operate our thermostats and can’t really live comfortably in our home during that time, just enough to basically keep our refrigerator running and our food fresh.”


Nestled in Hopewell, their beautiful 1930 home is surrounded by beautiful, matured trees. It’s quite the charming sight, but a threat in bad weather. When they decided that it was finally time, Wayne immediately thought of Dominion Service Company.

Wayne had previously been with S.A.F.E (Substance Abuse Free Environment, Inc.), where he worked alongside DSCR President Chase Tunnell and the company for their Freon Huffing and Freon Locking Caps initiative as that was a big epidemic in the community at the time. “I have always thought a lot of Chase, his company and knew they were the right folks for the job.” Wayne says.

dsc_0905-1Mark Gardner, our Residential Installation Specialist, sat down with the couple and they determined the best product for the job was a Honeywell 16KW air cooled, natural gas, whole home stand-by generator. It allowed the unit to be installed close to the home and although the transfer box can be placed outside, they carefully reviewed the home layout and felt their cellar/basement area was the ideal place to install, for both operations and aesthetics. The generator is one of the quietest on the market (the WhisperCheck self test mode is even quieter) and includes options such as MobileLink, allowing owners to check on the generator’s status by using a computer, tablet or Smartphone. It also features the Sync 3.0 controller, allowing for easy monitoring of history and maintenance as well as management of generator functions.

dsc_0903-1The installation was completed by our in house electrician, Bill Beatty with help from one of our other technicians, Alan Balsley. Electric & gas permits both needed to be pulled and the installation takes approximately 3-5 days to complete. “It’s a pretty easy process, though you have to be extremely thorough and mindful of safety,” says Bill. “If a storm approaches, their power goes out and the generator doesn’t work, we will have failed these customers completely. It can be tedious at times, but well worth it.” The Frith couple has been thrilled with the quality and service from Mark, Bill & Alan.

Knowing that regardless of whether the residence remains their “forever home” or not, the generator will certainly be an asset if they ever decide to sell. “The constant peace of mind and the convenience of operation,” Frith says makes it well worth the investment.

If you think that a stand-by generator would be ideal for your home, please give us a call at 804-745-0007. We offer a complimentary consultation and financing is available.