Electrical Service and Repair

Commercial Electrical Service and Repair 

Service and professional repair is the bread and butter of our business, especially relative to our commercial clients.  We built our success and reputation on delivering an outstanding value on all commercial service, including electrical service and repair!

Relative to commercial customers like property managers and business owners, electrical service is all about timely and professional service.  As you might hear from one of our highly experienced electricians, we can’t stress enough the importance of proper service and check ups with things like wiring, circuit breakers and lighting.  We always recommend you invest a few dollars now to prevent yourself from having to invest a lot more down the road.   This is particularly relevant for electrical service and repair.  

That being said, we do proudly offer electrical maintenance  for commercial clients as well.   

What Does a Typical Electrical Service Call Include? 

While our electricians perform all types of electrical service, some of our most common services include: 

  • Checking for burning Smells
  • Testing all outlets 
  • Testing fuses, and tripped circuit breakres
  • Looking for possible wiring shorts 
  • Evaluating lighting wiring & ballasts 

Types of Typical Electrical Repair Issues

Electrical repair is all about timeliness, professionalism and the ability to promptly and accurately fix the electrical issue! 

If you are in immediate need of electrical repair relative to a property or building you own or manage…we recommend you stop reading and call us asap! Call our main office at 1-800-832-0758, and we will quickly dispatch one of our electrical technicians to your business asap! 

With that in mind, we take calls every day for a wide variety of electrical repairs, but more of than not the issue is related to:

  • Burning Smells
  • Bad Outlets or Outlet Wiring Malfunctions
  • Blown Fuses
  • Tripped Circuits
  • Lighting Issues
  • Wiring Shorts 

If you are experiencing (or think you are) any of these main electrical repair issues, get in touch with us and one of our seasoned electricians will quickly and professionally guide you as to how we can fix the issue, especially the “burning smells.”  

Markets We Serve for Electrical Service and Repair

  • Richmond, VA

Contact Dominion Service Company Today!

We want to play the role of your “go to” electricians for commercial electrical service and repair issues. We built our company (and reputation!) on delivering quick and professional service to all our commercial HVAC and electrical clients, particularly in times of emergency need.  

If you are smelling a burning smell, experiencing wiring problems or lighting issues, contact Dominion Service Company online, schedule an appointment online, or (recommended) call our main office at 1-800-832-0758 to schedule an electrical service and repair appointment.  We will dispatch one of our experienced electricians to your business ASAP, and address your issue quickly, honestly and professionally.